The painting is alive. Birds that used to be collected and stuffed in zoos, botanical gardens, and museums fly in front of me, and on a night of thunder and lightning, a black leopard cries somewhere, I do not know whether it is in Africa, Europe or Korea, and a small yellow bird flies to the artificial sun. The static painting is alive in reality. The long frame era is over, and the painting moves on the high-resolution monitor. The painting is no longer static, but breathes. Every single element of the picture is sprouting and moving and tells a story to the viewer. The artist encountered a collection and display space ‘Wunderkammer’ (cabinet of curiosities) with rare objects brought from various foreign countries in Berlin, which can be considered the origin of the gallery today. What is an alternative collection? Also, what is a display or exhibition? How do our values and tastes that we judge things by form?

The artist is trying to reconfigure the inferiority, superiority, and prejudice in the ‘Wunderkammer’ and create new dialogues. Another strange wonder arises here. NFT works are beginning to be more fun and quirkier. Here, 3D imaging techniques and creative music are in sync to amplify the modern imagination. These works are created by Jina Park in collaboration with young creators working in Berlin.


Direction by Jina Park

3D Design by Anan Yoon Lee, Sound Design by Henley Jun

Organization & Support by projectspacemium




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